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Have you been invited to participate in several interviews and it has not yielded one job offer? Have you received Thanks but No Thanks emails where the company has selected another candidate to fill the role where you far extend the minimum qualifications? Have you tried reaching out to the company Recruiter for advice on areas of improvement with no response? If the answer is Yes! You're not alone! Sometimes it may just take some tweeting on how you respond to certain questions. However, you will not know unless someone tells you. 

At Liz Ford Designs, we have designed this coaching package to get you prepared to meet the opportunity that you seek. 


What’s Included:

  • 1 (one) 30-minute onboarding call 

  • 1 (one) work assignment 

  • 2 (two) 30-minute mock interviews 

  • 2 (two) debriefing notes after mock interviews

Coaching Package Cost: $249.00

Enrollment Process: This coaching package is currently OPEN for enrollment. The enrollment process will include:


To make sure that this is the appropriate coaching package for you, please click the "Complete Questionnaire" button to begin the process.

Enrollment Status

After review of your questionnaire, you will either be sent an accept email or an email informing you why you have not been accepted in the program at this time.  

The Admin Stuff

You will receive an email to pay for the program. Once payment has been received, the course material will be mailed to you as well as the coaching link to set-up your learning account. 

Begin Coaching

And the Coaching Begins! Let's get you prepared!

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