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The ASPIRE career strategy package is designed for human resources professionals in the municipality government industry. This ultimate career strategy package will take you through four coaching stages: The Career Strategy, the Assessments, Career Branding, and the Blueprint. In this package, we will utilize various coaching techniques to help you reinvent your career journey. 


The Stages


The Career Strategy Stage

In this stage, we'll focus on identifying your career values. This stage will help you define and identify your career values. This stage is important in learning more about what drives and motivates you at work.  

The Assessment Stage

In this stage, we will explore your strengths and potential career roadblocks. 


The Career Branding Stage

In the Career Branding stage, we'll focus on redesigning your resume and cover letter in getting you ready for your next career step. This stage will also include the Preparation Meets Opportunity coaching package. 

The Blueprint Stage 

The Blueprint stage will be devoted to preparing an action plan to get you on the path to​ meeting your career goals. 



The Design Process

Your ultimate career strategy package will be uniquely designed to put you in the driver's seat of your career. The design process will take you through four (4) stages.




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