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Have you ever really sat down to figure out if really accepting that job offer is the best move? Have you determined the pro's and con's of the work life balance, job duties, compensation, benefits and most importantly, how much autonomy you will have in making decisions? If you're expected to supervise staff, are you aware if you will have the basis manager span of control in hiring, approving staff leave request, conducting staff evaluations and given the authority to recommend the resignation of low performing staff?  If not, this coaching package is right for you!


What’s Included:

  • 1 (one) 30 minute Onboarding Zoom Call

  • 1 (one) Work assignment that will be used for the 1-1 Coaching Session

  • 1-1 Coaching Session

Coaching Package Cost: $129.00

Enrollment Process:  This coaching package is currently OPEN for enrollment. The enrollment process will includes: 


To make sure that this is the appropriate coaching package for you, please click the "Complete Questionnaire" button to begin the process. 

Enrollment Status

After review of your questionnaire, you will either be sent an accept email or an email informing you why you have not been accepted in the program at this time.  

The Admin Stuff

You will receive an email to pay for the program. Once payment has been received, the course material will be mailed to you as well as the coaching link to set-up your learning account. 

Begin Coaching

And the Coaching Begins! Let's get you prepared!

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