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3 Simple Ways to Land a Job Offer Without Any Experience

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

One of the questions I normally receive from college graduates is how can I obtain a job offer if all the positions are requiring experience? The same question goes for early career professionals looking to advance but may be lacking supervisory experience. Let me first acknowledge that these are very good questions and my solution comes down to three career moves.


Signing up for an internship opportunity is a great way to enter the workforce without experience. Depending on your graduation date, some company may extend this offer to individuals who have graduated within six (6) months of receiving their degree.

Great places to intern includes: municipal governments, General Electric and places like Enterprise Car rental. These organization usually have a great management assistant programs that will provide you with general management skills such as finance, operations and human resources.


Volunteering is the next great option to gain working experience. In these opportunities you most likely will be teamed up an experienced professional who will help you build your skill set. The best place to start this search is to google local volunteer places in your area. Taproot is another option if you’re looking to work remotely.

School Projects/Work Committees

Did you have to complete a capstone project before graduating? Then you can use this experience to capture on your resume. Researching, data analysis, leading and communication with a team, putting a recommendation together are definitely transferable skills! Same thing goes for early level professionals leading a work-related committee.

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