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The Recharge Your Career Coaching package is ideal for individuals who feel stuck, bored, unfulfilled in their current position. In this coaching package, we will utilize various coaching techniques to help you identify your career passions.  


What’s Included:

  • 5 Weekly Recharge Your Career Activity Work Assignments 

  • Printable PowerPoint Presentation with Instructional videos 

  • 1 (one) 15 minute Mid-Program Check In Call via Zoom 

  • 1 (one) 45 minute Offboarding Call via Zoom 

  • Recharge Your Career- Hard Copy Workbook 

  • High Potential Planner- Hard Copy  

  • Liz Ford Designs Writing Pen


Coaching Syllabus 

  • Week One: Define What Success Means to You 

  • Week Two: Identify Your Strengths

  • Week Three: Recharging Your Career 

  • Week Four: Create Your Learning Plan 

  • Week Five: Prepping Your Career Story 

  • Week Six: 1-1 Offboarding Call via Zoom 

Coaching Package Cost: $797.00

Enrollment Process:  This coaching package is currently OPEN for enrollment.  The deadline to apply for this coaching package is June 19, 2021. Enrollment status notices will be emailed no later than June 26, 2021. The first day of this coaching package will begin on July 9, 2021.  The enrollment process will include: 
















To make sure that this is the appropriate coaching package for you, please complete the "Send Questionnaire" button to have the enrollment form sent to you. 

Enrollment Status

After review of your questionnaire, you will either be sent an accept email or an email informing you why you have not been accepted in the program at this time.  

The Admin Stuff

You will receive an email to pay for the program. Once payment has been received, the course material will be mailed to you as well as the coaching link to set-up your learning account. 

Begin Coaching

And the Coaching Begins! Get ready to Recharge Your Career!

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